domenica 18 novembre 2012

Florence + the machine

 Florence Welch has become my new goddess.

A term I find particularly suitable for her.  She’s by far my favorite female singer. I just love the sound of her voice so deep and silvery, a pleasure to listen to. 
Moreover her songs have something ancestral and profoundly fascinating.

 I first heard of her probably two years ago when I listened to her cover of “You got the love” but on the spur of the moment I actually preferred the original version  so I didn’t give her much attention. Then I started to appreciate her last year when  I found out that the beautiful song I had listen to while watching the trailer of  “Water for elephants” was “Cosmic Love”. And now after having listened,with an unforgivable delay, her last album I can undoubtedly state that I’m really keen on her music, and "Cerimonials" is just perfect, a work of art! I love almost every track on this album. 

Listening to her songs really makes my days lately.

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