A room of one's own

Virginia Woolf : A room of one's own
6th Chapter
In the last chapter the narrator looked upon a theory about the unification of the sexes in the artist’s mind, where there should exist male elements as well as female ones and they should melt together in order to create the most favourable condition to the expression of the genius. This theory is very similar to the Coleridge’s one of the androgynous mind. Nevertheless this state of mind was very rare and difficult to accomplish especially in Virginia’s time because male and female have gained much more consciousness of their sexes and their difference. In conclusion The writer reasserted that a woman in order to write should enjoy an economical independence and also a room of her own where she can work undisturbed.
5th Chapter
In this chapter Virginia focused upon Mary Carmichael’s book Life's Adventure in which we can find an amazing innovation; for the first time in literature a woman liked another woman, as a matter of fact, until then relationships between women have been described in an oversimplified way, they have been portrayed as mothers, daughters, sisters Wives, but never as friends or lovers. They have been shown nearly always in relation to men, and this according to the author, has generated a fragmentary and bitty view of female nature that has impoverished literature very much.


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