A room of one's own

4th Chapter
In the fourth chapter Virginia stated that ,in the past, the only way open to women to write was the anonymity or to conceal their identity behind the name of a man, then she mentioned the case of Aphra Behn because with her we turn an important point in the relationship between women and literature, as a matter of fact, Aphra Behn was the first woman to make a living from her writing. Then the author concentrated her analysis upon four great figures of the nineteenth century that is to say Jane Austen, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, and George Elliot, they all had written great book in spite of being subjected to all sorts of interruptions since they wrote in the common space of the sitting room. According to Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen had been the only one able to write like Shakespeare freeing her mind from all the impediments and the external influences. While Charlotte Bronte Even Though she was more talented than Jane Austen didn’t succeed in freeing her mind, in fact her work is affected, is impaired by her own grievance and anger, because during the book she had sometimes left the story to speak her own feelings rather than the characters’ ones, and this had created a deep fracture in her work.


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